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    What’s in a name?

 If you have reached this website, it is likely that you are looking for something or someone related to Faden.

 My last name is Faden. As an early Internet adopter, I acquired the domain name. I have received a variety of e-mail over the years from folks looking for long lost relatives to misdirected business communications. I have also received a tremendous amount of SPAM.

 In October of 2005, a search on Google for ‘Faden’ yielded 2.3 million results. That’s a small number compared to ‘Einstein’ at 54.8 million results.

 The word “Faden” means “thread” or “twine” in German. The pronunciation in Europe should mostly sound like “Fah den” though my family has pronounced it “Fad en”. Often the word is mispronounced as “Fade en”.

 I do not know the etymology of the word. However, in the context of a family name it should be noted that many who immigrated to the United States may have changed their name from the derivation in their local language to its counterpart in German.

 Under an English only search, just 290 thousand results were returned.

 The top listing was to an individual Dr. Alan Faden of Georgetown University. (http://www.neuro.georgetown.edu/faden.htm). I believe Google gives high rankings to academic institutions as they are more likely to relevant content. Another academic individual who featured prominently was Dr. Ruth R Faden of Johns Hopkins University (http://www.jhsph.edu/People/Student/StuOrg/AAPH/aaheritage/faden.html).

Also high on the Faden list was William Faden and English cartographer and map publisher.

 The word “Faden” is also used to refer to a unit in measuring fuelwood. (http://www.sizes.com/units/faden.htm)

 The word “Faden” is also used in the type of a crystal called the faden quartz. In humor, I suppose my quartz watch is also a faden quartz. The faden quartz is apparently so named for threadlike lines that appear in the crystal. This crystal is used by those involved in meditation. The lines in the crystal are formed as the crystal heals after some disturbance during formation and users of the crystal believe this healing aspect can be used to heal the self.

 There are also companies with the word “Faden” in them. Among them are Faden Factory for Woodwork and Faden Trading & Contracting. Both of  those firms are based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.